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Long Island Tea Review

Thought I would give this a go. Tastes great and set me up for a fun night. Would recommend.

James, Australia

Q Vodka Blu Review

Love this product, 8% alcohol level is great and it tastes so good. Great value for money.

Liquor Legend, Melbourne

Tequila Slamma Review

I first tasted this in Japan & Seoul. Loved the drink but couldn’t buy it here in Australia. It’ tastes so good and is really refreshing.

Dave, Brisbane

Margarita Klassik Review

One of a kind margarita that I first tried last year and have been drinking ever since 🙂

Lauren, Bendigo

Peach Ice Tea Review

A friend had bought these for a 21st and I gave one a try – it was absolutely incredible! Ended up having a couple more because they’re surprisingly easy to drink. Plenty of flavour but not overpowering. 

Craft_Lover_96, Adelaide

Margarita Klassik Review

I love this drink. So good icey cold or with ice in a glass. Closest Margarita I’ve had to the ones made in a Mexican restaurant.

Joe, Perth

Vodka Q: Raspberry Review

Absolutely loved it! Picked up a case from Dan’s, and very much appreciated that it was 8% alcohol as opposed to the usual 4-5%.

Nick, Adelaide

DNA Spiked Water and Citrus Review

I used to drink this beautiful product years ago. I’m so happy it’s available again. Love the stuff, so refreshing and not too sweet.

Liquor Legend, Melbourne

Long Island Tea Review

I’m normally a strict bourbon and cola drinker I drink lots of RTDs but this one wins hands down. So much flavour and really enjoyable to drink. I took a case to a party and they were gone in no time.

Excellent alcohol content at 8% so you’re getting value for money with a great refreshing drink that all my friends now love.

Sean, Brisbane

Tequila Slamma Review

Probably my favourite tequila on the market at the moment..

Rachel, Woolongong

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