Tequila Slamma

Nothing brings people together like good Tequila.

The Spirit of Mexico!

Market research has identified Tequila as the next growth spirit to follow the Vodka craze. Tequila Slamma is a refreshing “full on” blast of today’s two most popular flavours, Lemon and Lime. And it’s the real stuff! No grape spirit or wishy-washy ingredients for this sucker!

It’s 5% alcohol and it’s going off!

It’s got a simple, powerful brand name that reflects fun and escapism. It’s been developed, tested and specifically designed for 18-25 year olds. They love this stuff.

Tequila Slamma’s outrageous positioning taps into the mindset and values of this group. It won’t just be a product for them; it’ll be a reflection of them.

Slamma has style and it’s a “way cool” party RTD. Slamma captures the real “Spirit of Mexico” and is embraced by consumers worldwide who have been enjoying ultimate refreshment for over 5 years.

Tequila Slamma RTD at the beach

A kick of Tequila, combined with refreshing lemon citrus.. for the perfect summer zing! Now available at your local bottle shop. 5% alcohol content.

Tried this one on a whim for a Mexican night. very yummy! A lot better than I would have thought to be honest. Recommend.

James, New South Wales

Legit tastes a lot like lemonade but with alcohol – that’s certainly a good thing! Love the product art as well, even though that has nothing to do with the drink heh.

I’m not a massive fan of tequila, but I feel like this mix of tequila with the lemon flavour makes it so much better than just having it straight!

Craft_Lover_96, Adelaide

I first tasted this in Japan & Seoul. Loved the drink but couldn’t buy it here in Australia. It’ tastes so good and is really refreshing.

Dave, Brisbane

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