Ice T Alcoholic Peach Ice Tea

Alcoholic Iced Tea

Q Vodka Blu Fruit Tingle

Vodka with Attitude!

Q Vodka is a full-on blast of today’s most popular RTD flavours. And it’s the real stuff. No grape spirit or wishy-washy ingredients for this sucker.

It’s 8% alcohol and it’s going off.

It comes in 275ml long neck bottles with resealable caps. It’s got a simple and memorable brand name that appears very boldly on the label. It’s got style and it’s got balls.

Q has been developed, tested and specifically designed for the 18-25 year olds. Market research has proven “They love this stuff.” Q Vodka’s outrageous positioning taps into the mindset and values of this group. High alcohol, good taste and low cost. It won’t just be a product for them; it’ll be a reflection of them.

Ice Tea infused with natural peach and premium vodka.

1.1 Standard Drinks

275 mL Bottle

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Opening Hours

9am – 5pm Monday – Friday


Level 7 – 420 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000