Ice T Alcoholic Peach Ice Tea

Alcoholic Iced Tea

Ice T Alcoholic Peach Ice Tea

Alcoholic Iced Tea

Long Island Tea is America’s Number 1 speciality cocktail. It sits in the top 5 of the world’s most popular cocktails. Long Island Tea was invented in the 1920’s placing its birth in the middle of “Prohibition”. In an era of secrecy, smuggling, gangsters, shoot outs and undercover “dry agents” the illegal consumption of alcohol was kept very low key. Now that veil of secrecy has been lifted!

Long Island Tea is the RTD for the discerning consumer. A refreshing blend of Tequila, Gin, White rum, Vodka, Triple sec and Cola with a twist of Lime it is the ultimate taste experience that’s bound to keep consumers coming back again and again. With an upmarket image and a serious alcohol content of 10% this really is “The perfect cocktail in a bottle”. It’s guaranteed to impress and it’s unique.

Ice Tea infused with natural peach and premium vodka.

0.7 Standard Drinks

275 mL Bottle

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9am – 5pm Monday-Friday



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