Margarita Klassik

The recipe for a good time!

Sophisticated But Trendy!

Margaritas are a summertime staple, evoking festive visions of Mexico in every sip. But the history behind this warm-weather favourite is just as evocative — and shrouded in mystery.

The origin of the cocktail is actually unknown. Although there are several versions, no one has been able to pinpoint which one is true. But they all make for good conversation over a round or two of the delicious concoctions.

And, like its history, the cocktail itself has a number of versions. Go to any Mexican restaurant worth the salt on the rim of your glass and you will probably be inundated with decisions when you order a margarita: Regular, “Cadillac” — made with premium tequilas — or strawberry? How about mango? On the rocks or blended? Salt or no salt?

It’s enough to make your head spin — and you haven’t even got your drink yet. Well we left out the salt but ours is still a Margarita and a great refreshing drink either over ice with salt on the rim of your glass and a slice of Lime or lemon or straight from the bottle when it’s icy cold.

Margarita RTD by South State Bevs

A Margarita Spritz is like your best friend, you can’t party without them! Now available at your local bottle shop. 5% alcohol content.

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