Long Island Tea

8% alcohol content.

The Perfect Cocktail in a Bottle!

Long Island Tea is America’s Number 1 speciality cocktail. It sits in the top 5 of the world’s most popular cocktails. Long Island Tea was invented in the 1920’s placing its birth in the middle of “Prohibition”. In an era of secrecy, smuggling, gangsters, shoot outs and undercover “dry agents” the illegal consumption of alcohol was kept very lowkey. Now that veil of secrecy has been lifted!

Long Island Tea is the RTD for the discerning consumer. A refreshing blend of Tequila, Gin, White rum, Vodka, Triple sec and Cola with a twist of Lime it is the ultimate taste experience that’s bound to keep consumers coming back again and again.

With an upmarket image and a serious alcohol content of 8% this really is “The perfect cocktail in a bottle”. It’s guaranteed to impress and it’s unique.

Whether you’re jamming at home, or prepping for a big night out, our Long Island Tea will get you going! 8% alcohol content.

I’ve tasted plenty of dark spirit based RTD’s but this one is special. It’s so smooth; the great blend of different liquors are incredibly tasty.

I had a cocktail bartender friend of mine taste this product and even he was blown away by the beautiful flavour. Gets my big tick of approval..

Gazz, Brisbane

I purchased this online from Dan Murphy and thought it was by far one of the best premix products I’ve ever had. It’s so refreshing and not overpowering.

The cola is smooth and the blend of alcohol is superb.. so happy, will buy again.

Rory, Sydney

I usually try all new premix drinks when they are released, especially spirit and cola based with high alcohol levels. Long Island T did not disappoint me at all, WOW.

Tastes great and has 8% alcohol level which is even better. Well done to the manuafcturer of this terrific RTD.

Scotty, Perth

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