Have you been DNA tested!


Have you been DNA tested!

DNA Alcoholic Spring Water is a value-added “spring water”.

Its bottle shape is sexy, transparent and enticing – and an unmistakable “thumbprint” proclaims Its ultimate style and individuality.

Essentially, it’s all natural, combining the natural citrus flavour of lime, the subtle herbal flavour of thyme with the essential ingredient of pure, lightly carbonated, spring water. With an alcohol content of 5.0% this is total refreshment and style at it best!! You gotta be seen with one of these in your hand!!!

DNA Lemon Crush and Blu also at 5.0% alc/vol are the “wild off springs” of DNA Alcoholic Spring Water, bursting with natural fruit flavours these products are the life of any party they attend!! The natural values of the DNA range will fulfil all your desires. They are natural, refreshing and sophisticated tasting drinks.


Long Island Tea

The Perfect Cocktail in a Bottle

DNA Spiked Water & Citrus

A rebirth of the old favourite DNA Alcoholic Spring Water. A refreshing blend of lightly carbonated spring water, triple distilled vodka and natural citrus flavours.

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