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Since 1998, Australian owned South State has exploded onto the international alcoholic beverage market and now enjoys the position of an aggressive global beverage entrepreneur. South State’s unique vision now makes it one of the RTD markets movers and shakers.

All of South State’s brands are produced in a state of the art, high-tech facility in Australia.

South State Food & Beverage now exports its “flagship multi award winning brand” DNA Alcoholic Springwater to numerous countries around the globe and has introduced several other ready to drink (RTD) alcoholic brands.

These include products such as:

Bootleg Alcoholic Root Beer

8.4 Extra Strong Premium Apple Cider

DNA Spiked Water & Citrus


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Q Vodka Raspberry Review

The best raspberry flavored RTD I have ever tasted. So smooth and fruity. 8% alcohol is a bonus to as the other flavored RTDs are only about 4% alcohol so this brand is real value for money and is very very nice.

James, New South Wales

Margarita Klassik Review

I love this drink. So good icey cold or with ice in a glass. Closest Margarita I’ve had to the ones made in a Mexican restaurant.

Joe, Perth

Long Island Tea Review

It’s hard to even really describe this drink because there’s just so much to it! You get a fair bit of alcohol in the drink considering it’s under 300mL so people were pretty happy about that. Definitely would recommend it.

Craft_Lover_96, Adelaide