South State Bevs

Aussie made & owned.

South State Bevs

Trusted Wholesale Alcohol Provider.

South State Bevs

Established in 1998.

Australian produced premium, unique alcoholic products!

Since 1998, Australian owned South State have been producing quality alcoholic beverages. They have exploded onto the international alcoholic beverage market and now enjoy the position of an aggressive global beverage entrepreneur.

All of South State’s brands are produced in a state of the art, high-tech facility in Australia.

South State now exports its “flagship multi award winning brand” DNA Alcoholic Springwater to numerous countries around the globe and has introduced several other ready to drink (RTD) alcoholic brands.

Some of its most known products include their delicious, refreshing alcoholic peach ice tea, long island tea, alcoholic root beer, tequila, vodka, margarita and apple cider!

South State Bevs caters to everyone at the party.


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All South State products are available to purchase on Dan Murphy’s online!

Long Island Tea

A refreshing blend of tequila, gin,white rum, vodka, triple sec and cola with a splash of citrus, it’s the ultimate taste experience. 8%.

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Tequila Slamma

A refreshing lightly carbonated blend of premium tequila and natural lemon juice.

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Margarita KlassiK

Refreshing lightly carbonated blend of premium tequila, triple sec and natural lime juice.

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Alcoholic Peach Ice Tea

A refreshing authentic Ice Tea infused with natural peach and premium vodka.

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Q Vodka: Blu Fruit Tingle

A lightly carbonated blend of premium triple distilled vodka infused with a fruit tingle flavour.

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Q Vodka: Raspberry

A lightly carbonated blend of premium triple distilled vodka infused with natural raspberry juice.

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8.4 Extra Strong Premium Apple Cider

A refreshing, crisp Apple Cider with a smooth taste and great aroma.

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Bootleg Alcoholic Root Beer

A smooth blend of refreshing root beer/sarsaparilla bended with premium vodka and lightly carbonated.

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DNA Spiked Water & Citrus

A refreshing blend of lightly carbonated spring water, triple distilled vodka and natural citrus flavours.

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9am – 5pm Monday – Friday


Level 7 – 420 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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